Monday, March 22, 2010

11-17 Jan 2010- Sydney,Aus(First Travel of My Life Part2 of 2)

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One Thing Must Share with ya all

is the culture & the Environment @ Sydney are gosh Dosky Relaxing ever…..

when the sun wont dusk so quickly…. we can feel the “” GOING HOME”” feeling

it’s totally wont get it happen in Malaysia…

coz due to our Malaysia TRAFFIC JAM problems….

when after office hour, we all will feel lazy to drive back home…

this is the different why Sydney culture and Malaysia…

after bla bla bla… this is only called LIFE in Sydney….

WORKING LIFE in MALAYSIA…. if we din make up our mind to get our goal & Dream DONE by now….


However, It’s About What We Want OUR DREAMS to Be… just create it and make it happen on our reality…

ended noted.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

14th-15th Feb 2010, CNY Relatives Day

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