Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tag by Adrian + A Big Girl

1 Six people to tag.


2. Six things I'm passionate about.

a. Xtreme Weather + Nature Photography
b.Commercial + Advertising Photography
c. Online
d. Research
e. Listening To Music
f. Playing Soccer

3. Six things I say too often

a. hmm...
b. So Expensive ar.....
c. Arg.....
d. ma ler......
e. yol........
f. hi......

4. Six books I've read recently.

a. National Geography
b. Studio Lighting
c. Real Life Documentary Of National Geography Photographer
d. DCM
e. Poem Dictionary
f. How To Sense The Nature

5.Six songs I can listen to again and again.

a. Apologize
b. No Promises
c. The Best Mistake I've Ever Made
d. Billie Jean
e. I Will Follow Him
f. Careless Whisper

6. Six things I learnt in the last year.

a. Studio Lighting For Commercial.
b. Wedding Photography.(By Perfect Moments)
c. Commercial Real Life Experience Of Graphic Designer.(By Adwow)
d. How To Deal + Present To Clients.
e. How To Invest My Savings...
f. What Is Happiness + Sadness?(LOVE)